Gary King does L.A.

by Barnabus Bogwater on June 21, 2011

Gary King was interviewed in the latest entry from Things to do in L.A about his directing experience on Death of the Dead.

TTDILA: Cheese, cheese and more cheese the movies filled with it, was there anything you wished wasn’t so dirty, or were you holding back?

GK: We didn’t hold back on anything while shooting this film.  The best part of the entire shoot was giving a lot of freedom to the actors as I wanted them to take the jokes as far as they could go.  I would then see what worked best and we’d start to play around within those areas.  It was great to have some really talented performers and the freedom from the producers to riff from the script when time allowed.
In fact, I have to say that as far as dirty jokes, I probably had some of the filthier ideas (if they weren’t in the script already — Bo’s got a pretty sick mind!)….as sometimes as the camera was rolling a random idea would pop in my head and I’d ask the actors to do it.  Christina Rose (Wanda) and Jack Abele (Master Sensei) were great troopers and would do anything I asked.

Read the complete interview HERE. Thanks to Jonathan Bilski and Things to do in L.A. for their support of Death of the Dead.

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