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by Barnabus Bogwater on April 25, 2011

Sometimes you get one of those reviews that get you scratching your head wondering if they liked it or they didn’t. Sounds like they liked it, but then again they could have easily hated it. Can’t tell. It’s like when you hear about someone talking shit behind your back but when you’re face to face they are your best friend and your can’t bring yourself to believe they talked all that smack about you. Let me introduce the review from Best-Horror-Movies.com.

The reviewer calls Death of the Dead “really bad”, which leads me to believe he hates it, right? Then he snaps back with “soon felt a strange magnetic attraction that rendered me powerless to look away.” So he’s into it? Still baffled. My conclusion is the writer was predetermined that this was another low budget zombie flick with bad everything that he’d seen a million times and he was forcing himself to watch it because we kept pestering him about it. But what he found was it is low budget indie like he expected but made in a way that he was stuck like glue to the end. Okay, maybe not, but what else do you want from me. I’m as confused asĀ  you are.

What I DO know is we have to be the first film in history to get a 2 1/5 out of 5 review. *scratches head* At some point the reviewer said, “you know this movie is just below average, but it’s not completely awful, so let’s give it a 1/5th of a star rather than 1/2.” I suppose it could also be a typo.

Fun, confusing and mysterious are the words to describe this review but somehow we’re going to put a spin on it that it’s a positive one and a MUST read for all our followers. Check it out HERE then go scrub your eyes with bleach and get off that funky residue of “what did I just read”.

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