“I actually laughed… a LOT” – Cinema Corpse

by Barnabus Bogwater on March 31, 2011

The fellows over at Cinema Corpse took a moment in their latest podcast to feature Death of the Dead in their indie spotlight segment, we think they were pleasantly surprised. “Any movie that’s got boobs and bush in the first five minutes, you know I’m hooked on,” admitted Chris Combe. But seriously, the filmmakers didn’t intend to use a few cheap methods like the female anatomy to lure horny, tasteless men to sit through 90 minutes of our film. No, we feel like our film reaches a much broader audience. Viewers who like such entertainment as fart jokes, bad martial arts, female pudding fights, odd sexual fetishes, cheesy one-liners, obscure movie references and even man butt (for comedic purposes only… well mostly). Thankfully the guys at Cinema Corpse were EXACTLY that kind of audience.

But seriously, not really, but humor us for a moment, Cinema Corpse found a lot of fun and upside to Death of the Dead and even a hint of gratitude that they had a chance to view the screener before it was widely released to the general public. Thanks, guys. We’re honored that you took the time to watch it. Rather than give you all parts of DotD they were gushing over, how about we just give you the link so you can listen yourself?

Cinema Corpse Episode 20

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