“You will laugh your ass off!” – Liberal Dead reviews DotD

by Barnabus Bogwater on January 28, 2011

Ted Brown over at The Liberal Dead took time out of his busy schedule reviewing every cheesy, low budget medium he can get his hands on to watch our little spawn, Death of the Dead. The results: “I couldn’t control my laughter during much of it!” SWEET! That’s what we like to hear.

Brown liked the parodies of kung-fu and zombie flicks that he called “spot on” and found that if you are into a little over-the-top brand of horror / gore / comedy / sex / silliness / perversion / action that is wrapped up inside this little package you’ll find it hard not to love. “This movie has something for everyone comedy, gore, and over the top action inspired fight scenes that will keep you laughing until the credits roll,” wrote Brown.

We certainly hope Ted Brown has plenty of ass to go around since he laughed most of it off. If not, and Death of the Dead finds it audiences, we’ll gladly pay for ass implants!

Read the entire review HERE. And make sure you check out www.liberaldead.com when you’re in the mood for cheese.

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