DotD, Ain’t it cool… yes it is!

by Barnabus Bogwater on January 25, 2011

One of our favorite sites, Ain’t It Cool News asked us for a screener of Death of the Dead to find out what all the hoopla was about. We honored their request, crossed our fingers and said, “wake me when it’s over.” Not known for pulling punches, we are pleased to announce “THEY LOVE IT, THEY REALLY LOVE IT!”. They even named it their ZEEK OF THE WEEK.

DotD had the reviewer “laughing quite a bit”. Sure it’s low brow humor but the film “brandishes that humor with a swagger rarely seen.”

It’s good to see when people who see LOTS of film actually can take a film like Death of the Dead and “get it”. Like they said, “Part of DEATH OF THE DEAD’s charm is that it knows it’s not a blockbuster and never acts like it wants to be.” Thanks Ain’t It Cool News. Even though you say we won’t win any awards, we feel like we already have!

Read the full review HERE.

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