“the best [independent] I’ve ever seen!” – Gutmunchers

by Barnabus Bogwater on December 21, 2010

We asked John over at Gutmunchers to check out Death of the Dead and tell us what he thought. While he’s a fan of independent cinema he’s not shy about telling his audience exactly how he feels about a movie. Thankfully, he was pleasantly surprised when he watched Death of the Dead. “This is without a doubt my favorite independent movie…” he writes. WOW! Pretty cool that our little movie had such an impact. Impressed by the cleverness, the comedy and the talent both in front of and behind the camera, Gutmunchers “would be shocked if you didn’t have fun with Death of the Dead.”

John emailed me privately and had this to say, “Just so you know in the 10 years I’ve been doing this sort of thing this is one of the most enjoyable experiences that I’ve ever had watching an independent movie.” Perhaps the best comment we’ve ever gotten and that’s why we make ’em.

Read the full review HERE. And make sure you check out other reviews by Gutmunchers.

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