“4 headshots out of 5” – Mail Order Zombie

by Barnabus Bogwater on December 16, 2010

Back in September, DotD writer / producer ran into a guy who calls himself “Need a Nickname” Scott at the B Movie Celebration. Back then Bo did a mini taped interview for episode 140 and finally, Scott and the group did a full review of the movie. The guys seem like they enjoyed the film, laughing through most of the review remembering the parts of the film, which, well, that’s what we tried to do, isn’t it? They recommend it and we do to.

The review comes in around the 37 min mark of the 2 hr podcast. To listen to the full review go HERE. You can also subscribe via iTunes and go right to the parts you want to hear. And if you REALLY like zombie stuff you’ll want to check out their site early and often.


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