Death of the Dead Premiere “A Hit!”

by Barnabus Bogwater on September 7, 2010

Fans lined up an hour before the world premiere of Strange Stuff’s first feature, Death of the Dead, which screened at the Horrorfind Weekend Convention Sept. 4. It was an event not unlike other films screened at the convention by producers Bo Buckley and Justin Soponis, which premiered Dismal and Savage the two previous years for Fearmakers, both to packed theaters.

To accommodate the number of fans, a encore screening was held so everyone could get a chance to see the movie.

After, fans were lined up at the Strange Stuff booth buying up DVDs, asking for autographs and chatting about the movie saying things like the performances were “Oscar worthy” and “just like a Troma movie if Troma movies were GOOD” and our favorite, “ten times better than Troll 2”. Still not sure what ten times better than Troll 2 is but we think it’s a compliment and dammit, we’ll take it!

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